I’m Cesar Aguirre. I’m a software engineer, lifelong learner, language enthusiast, and vivid reader.

What I do

I’m a software engineer based in Colombia (not Columbia) with more than 10 years of experience (I stopped counting). I work remotely as a backend engineer and technical writer. I specialize in building APIs and backend code with .NET technologies. Mainly C#, ASP.NET Core, and SQL Server these days.

I help teams grow high-quality backend code. And by high-quality, I mean maintainable and performant.

What I’ve done

I have worked in public services, electronic invoicing, and reservation management.

In electronic invoicing, I updated a platform to comply with the latest regulations from the Colombian government. Existing users continued to work with the least amount of breaking changes. Among other things,

What I write about

I write about learning and programming. I want to share what I have learned in my journey as a software engineer. Often, I consider my blog as my own time capsule.

In this blog, you can find tips and advice, libraries I use, issues I have solved, lessons learned the hard way, success and failure stories.

I’ve been featured in Exception Not Found as a Guest Writer. And, I’ve written for SaaS companies like Alachisoft.

If you’re interested, this is how I started blogging and what I learned after five years of blogging.

Fun facts

I’m a cat owner, vim user, plain-text lover, and Zettelkasten practitioner.

In my free time, I like to read books (on paper) and learn foreign languages. Currenlty, I’m learning Brazilian Portuguese. (Oi, gente! Tudo bem?)

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Thanks for reading!