Programming Time Capsule

These days, while watching YouTube, I found a Mexican YouTuber explaining what life was like in his city during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it was a good idea to write something similar but for coding. This is an opinionated view of what coding is like in 2020. Software developers from the future, this is programming in 2020.

GitHub has archived all public repositories until July 2020. It was part of his archive initiative. We earned a batch on our GitHub profiles if any of our repositories got into the Arctic vault. I got mine too. It will show future generations how code was in 2020. Should we be ashamed or proud? I don’t know. But this archive doesn’t show some of the practices around it.

Dear developers from the future, this is coding and interviewing in 2020.

1. On coding

2. On interviewing

During the 2020 global pandemic, some companies turned remote. We started to use Zoom, a conference room tool. Most people started working from home without any previous experience working remotely. _“Please, turn off your microphone.” “You’re muted.” We all heard these phrases in meetings every once in a while.

I hope the 2020 pandemic is still on Wikipedia or whatever you have these days to look things up…or are brains already connected to the Internet, like in the Matrix movie? Do you watch Matrix in class? Wait! Do you still have schools?

Greetings from 2020