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How I used AI to launch my new testing course

I ran an experiment. Maybe it was fear of missing out. I decided to use AI to help me launch a new course. This is how I used Copilot and the prompts I used.

I got this idea after watching one of Brent Ozar’s Office Hours videos on YouTube where he shared he keeps ChatGPT opened all the time and uses it as a junior employee. I decided to run a similar experiment, but for launching a new course on unit testing, one of my favorite subjects.

1. Lesson content and materials

I planned the lesson content and recorded and edited all video lessons myself. #madebyahuman

For the editing part, I used Adobe Podcast to remove background noise. My neighbor’s dog started to bark every time I hit record. And the other day at home, somebody made a smoothie with a loud blender while I was recording. Arrrggg! The only downside is that my voice sounds auto-tuned, especially in word endings.

I used Copilot for its convenience. I don’t need to create an account. Even I made Microsoft Edge open Copilot as the default tab. I only need to press the Windows key, type “Edge,” and I’m right there.

These are the prompts I used.

Generate a list of title ideas for my course

You’re an expert on course creation, programming, and SEO, give me a list of titles for a course to teach insert subject here

Rewrite my draft for a landing page

Now you’re an expert on online writing, SEO, marketing, and copywriting, please help me improve this landing page for an online course to increase sales and conversions. Make sure to use a friendly and conversational tone.

This is my landing page:

insert landing page here

Turn a landing page into a script for an introductory video

Now turn that last version of the landing page into a list of paragraphs and sentences I can use to create a PowerPoint presentation. Keep it short and to the point. Use only 10 paragraphs. I will turn each paragraph into a slide

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2. Online Marketing

Once I got all the lesson content and a landing page ready, I moved to the promotion part.

These are the prompts I used.

Write an email inviting readers to buy this new course

You’re an expert on copywriting and email marketing, give me n ideas for a short email to invite a reader who already took some action to buy my new video course: insert course name here. In that course, I insert brief description here. Offer a promo code for a limited time. Use friendly and engaging language.

Write a call to action for my posts

You’re an expert copywriter, give me n ideas for a two-sentence paragraph to promote my new course insert course name here. I’d like to use that paragraph at the end of posts on my blog to invite my readers to join the course. Use a friendly and conversational tone.

Write a launching post on LinkedIn

You’re an expert on copywriting, LinkedIn, and personal branding. Give me n ideas for a LinkedIn post to promote my new course insert title here based on the landing page of the course. Use a friendly and conversational tone.

This is the course landing page of the course:

insert landing page here

Nothing fancy. I followed the pattern: “Act as X, do Y for me based on some input. This is the input.”

I don’t use the exact same words Copilot gives me. I change the words I don’t use to make it sound like me.

Voilà! That’s how I used AI, especially Copilot, to help me launch my new testing course. On a Saturday morning, I ended up with a landing page and the script for an intro video for the course. What a productive morning!

I use AI the same way Jim Kwik, the brain coach, recommends in one of his YouTube videos: “AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance HI (human intelligence), not to replace it.” I don’t want AI to take out the pleasure of doing what I like to do. It’s my assistant.

In case you’re curious, this is the end result: Mastering C# Unit Testing with Real-world Examples.

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Happy coding!