Best of 2022

Best of 2022

In 2022, I wrote two major series of posts: one about SQL Server performance tuning and another one about LINQ.

Once one of my clients asked me to “tune” some stored procedures and that inspired me to take a close look at the performance tuning world. Last year, I took Brent Ozar Mastering courses and decided to share some of the things I learned.

On another hand, I updated my Quick Guide to LINQ to use new C# features and wrote a bunch of new posts about LINQ. In fact, I released one text-based course about LINQ on Educative: Getting Started with LINQ. That’s my favorite C# feature, ever.

I kept writing my Monday Links posts. And, I decided to have my own Advent of Code. I prefer to call it: Advent of Posts. I wrote 22 posts in December. One post per day until Christmas eve. I missed a couple of days. But I consider it a “mission accomplished.”

These are the 5 posts I wrote in 2022 you read the most. In case you missed any of them, here they are:

  1. TIL: How to optimize Group by queries in SQL Server. This post has one of the lessons I learned after following Brent Ozar’s Mastering courses. Well, this one is about using CTEs to speed up queries with GROUP BY.
  2. SQL Server Index recommendations: Just listen to them. Again, these are some of the lessons I learned in Brent Ozar’s Mastering Index Tuning course. I shared why we shouldn’t blindly create indexes recommendations from query plans. They’re only clues. We can do better than that. I have to confess I added every single index recommendation I got before learning these lessons.
  3. Working with ASP.NET Core IDistributedCache Provider for NCache. This is a post I wrote in collaboration with Alachisoft, NCache creators. It introduces NCache and shows how to use it as a DistributedCache provider with ASP.NET Core.
  4. Four new LINQ methods in .NET 6: Chunk, DistinctBy, Take, XOrDefault. After many years, with the .NET 6 release, LINQ received new methods and overloads. In this post, I show some of them.
  5. How to use LINQ GroupBy method? Another post to get started with LINQ. It covers three GroupBy use cases.

Voilà! These were your 5 favorite posts. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them. Probably, you found shorter versions of these posts on my account. Or the version of some random guy copy-pasted into his own website pretending I was an author on his programming site. Things you find out when you google your own user handle. Arrggg!

If any of my posts have helped you and you want to support my work, check my Getting Started with LINQ course on Educative or buy me a coffee, tea, or hamburger by downloading my ebooks from my Gumroad page.

Don’t miss my best of 2021.

Thanks for reading, and happy coding in 2023!