Programs that saved you 100 hours (Online tools, Git aliases and Visual Studio extensions)

Today I saw this Hacker News thread about Programs that saved you 100 hours. I want to show some of the tools that have saved me a lot of time. Probably not 100 hours yet.

1. Online Tools

2. Git Aliases and Hooks


I use Git from the command line most of the time. I have created copied some aliases for my everyday workflows. These are some of my Git aliases:

alias gs='git status -sb' 
alias ga='git add ' 
alias gco='git checkout -b ' 
alias gc='git commit ' 
alias gacm='git add -A && git commit -m ' 
alias gcm='git commit -m ' 

alias gpo='git push origin -u ' 
alias gconf='git diff --name-only --diff-filter=U'

Not Git related, but I have also created some aliases to use the Pomodoro technique.

alias pomo='sleep 1500 && echo "Pomodoro" && tput bel' 
alias sb='sleep 300 && echo "Short break" && tput bel' 
alias lb='sleep 900 && echo "Long break" && tput bel'

I don’t need fancy applications or distracting websites. Only three aliases.

Hook to format commit messages

I work in a project that uses a branch naming convention. I need to include the type of task and the task number in the branch name. For example, feat/ABC123-my-branch. And, every commit message should include the task number too. For example, ABC123 My awesome commit. I found a way to automate that with a prepare-commit-msg hook.

With this hook, I don’t need to memorize every task number. I only ned to include the ticket number when creating my branches. This is the Git hook I use,

TICKET=[$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD | grep -Eo '^(\w+/)?(\w+[-_])?[0-9]+' | grep -Eo '(\w+[-])?[0-9]+' | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]")]
if [[ $TICKET == "[]" || "$MESSAGE" == "$TICKET"* ]];then
  exit 0;


This hook grabs the ticket number from the branch name and prepend it to my commit messages.

3. Visual Studio extensions

I use Visual Studio almost every working day. I rely on extensions to simplify some work. These are some the extensions I use,

Voilà! These are the tools that have saved me 100 hours! If you want to try more Visual Studio extension, check my Visual Studio Setup for C#. If you’re new to Git, check my Git Guide for Beginners and my Git guide for TFS Users.

Happy coding!