The Clean Coder: Three Takeaways

The Clean Coder is the second book on the Clean Code trilogy. It should be a mandatory reading for any professional programmer. These are my main takeaways.

The Clean Coder isn’t about programming in itself. It’s about the professional practice of programming. It covers from what is professionalism to testing strategies, pressure and time management.


Your career is your responsibility, not your employer’s

Professionalism is all about taking responsibility.

Your career is your responsibility, not your employer's
One of my favorite quotes from the Clean Coder

Say No/Say Yes

Say. Mean. Do

Professionals have courage to say no to their managers. Also, as professional, you don’t have to say yes to everything. But you should find a creative way to make a yes possible.


It could be consider unprofessional not to use TDD

Voilà! These are my main points from The Clean Coder. Do you see why I think it should be a mandatory reading? Oh, I missed another thing. An estimate isn’t a date, but a range of dates.

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